The Midwifery Skills Laboratory With Images

To afford clinical education that stimulates clinical reasoning, critical thinking skills and psychomotor competence in an innovative setting.
To provide a dedicated environment for nursing students to learn strategies that will enhance patient safety and the quality of health care through the use of high-fidelity simulation technology. This environment provides the learner opportunities to participate in clinical experiences in a safe, non-threatening and structured environment.

  • Increase the safety and effectiveness of patient care through inventive, interdisciplinary training.
  • Allow for learning in a safe, non-threatening and controlled environment away from the clinical setting.
  • Build confidence in clinical performance, including clinical reasoning and psychomotor skills.
  • Increase exposure to critical, yet low-frequency patient encounters in order to minimize the risk to patients.
  • Increase effective communication among all members of the health care team.
  • Develop simulation as a tool for the assessment of clinical skills

Located at the ground floor of the Faculty of Medicine.


The main purpose of this laboratory is to provide avenue for practical demonstration of nursing procedures before the students are exposed to real life situations in the hospitals and clinics.


The Nursing Skills laboratory has a capacity of 35-40 students per practical session. Thus, the students are usually grouped into various groups of 30-40 students by the clinical instructors to ensure that every student has adequate access and exposure to practical demonstrations.

Key Equipments:

This laboratory is equipped with instruments, anatomical/human models and other nursing practical facilities including beds. It has functional internet and video services for effective practical teaching and demonstrations for 24 hours.