Quality Assurance Unit::::INTRODUCTION

Educational quality is considered one of the most important items on agendas of the higher administration at any faculties, its play a very important role in order to have a graduate with high capabilities. To realize this goal, quality unit has been set up in order to carry out self-evaluation of the colleges, achieve the standards and requirements of quality, prepare plans to disperse quality culture, coordinate for courses preparation, specialized workshops in this filed in order elevate the level of affiliates with focus on the faculty members for their immense and direct effect on the students.

Also we seek to make complete integration for all affiliates of the college, and at individual level we work on applying the spirits and concepts of quality on all the works they carry out to instill the quality culture. Also quality unit works on achieving the local and international requirements of quality standards to ensure quality to elevate the standard level of the leading universities in the field of health education.

Quality unit believes that the task of serving the country is one of our super holly goals; therefore we are training its students on the skills and provide them the necessary scientific knowledge to be excellent in the field of their future work. (QA Unit) will establish in order to disseminate the concept of education quality, improve teaching staff skills, and raise the education quality to international standards. The QA Unit, therefore, represents one of the most important units and the corner stone of education quality.