Secretary and technician responsibilities

• Schedule, preparing rooms for training, copying handout, typing and organizing filing system ,In addition to follow up of machinery maintenance.
• Monitoring housekeeping and aids activities:

The Assistant worker will be responsible for

• Housekeeping activities in the EDC, post office and manual duties.

Establishing the policies and regulation roles of the EDC Documentation:

• All activities of the EDC should be documented in special formats.

Finance and sustainability:

• The EDC could be financially supported from the department .
• Projects, workshops and inservices training program fees which are legally regulated according to the university rules and policies.
• Trainers can have incentives from the paid workshops, training programs, projects and other activities according to the available budget and the expended work hours.

Evaluation of EDC work:

• The management and implementing team should held meeting every month to observe achievement of the EDC.
• The plan of EDC should be done twice /year first, in September and the second in February and should be reevaluated to take feedback.